Green Onyx Round Intaglio Hanging Dangling 14k Yellow Estate Vintage Earrings


14k Yellow Gold Vintage Estate Dangling Drop Ear Pendants with Round Green Engraved Onyx - Intaglio.

The perfect pair for everyday and all occasions, the pop of color to brighten your day. The engraving of gemstones was and still is a major luxury art form throughout history. This Estate Vintage EARRINGS feature Round deep emerald Green Onyx INTAGLIO set in bezel and created with 14k yellow gold.
The Intaglio dimensions are: diameter 15.73mm, height of the bezel 2.67mm.
The earrings are 1 1/4 inch long including the ear-hook closer. The earrings are very light, 3.78gr, and easy to wear, the bright color earrings will look great with any outfit.

*The art of engraving gems was one of the prime arts of antiquity, with a tradition that continues through history. Due to the unique qualities of the gemstones together with the skill involved in cutting these materials, intaglios have remained greatly prized and collected.

Retail Value $2500

Comes in a GIFT BOX with an APPRAISAL. You can send it back within 3 days for a FULL refund minus shipping - $75! Please, email or call us at (212) 921-7135 with any questions.

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